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History at a Glance

Located in a premium area in one of the well-known icons of the capital city of DKI Jakarta under the name Pancoran area, South Jakarta,

PT Hotel Bumikarsa Bidakara or more popularly known as the brand name Bumikarsa Bidakara Hotels Management, was established on February 4, 2000 and has grown into a company engaged in the hotel management of star hotel category and expands its business to other property management, hotel and property opening services, provision of online and offline reservation systems and human resources providers. One of the properties managed by PT Hotel Bumikarsa Bidakara is a 4-star Hotel Bidakara Jakarta.

The choice of one of the unique names “Bidakara” is inseparable from the syllable Bi which comes from the big name of Bank Indonesia. To be precise, PT Hotel Bumikarsa Bidakara is owned by PT Mekar Prana indah (PT MPI) and the Yayasan Kesejahteraan Karyawan Bank Indonesia (YKKBI), with shares worth 69.10% and 30.9%, respectively. PT Mekar Prana Indah is a subsidiary under the flag of the Yayasan Kesejahteraan karyawan Bank Indonesia which is engaged in the property sector, which includes building and managing the Bidakara Complex, building the Hotel Bidakara Jakarta, providing online payment systems, parking, and so on.

As a company that runs the hotel management services business, PT Hotel Bumikarsa Bidakara has a Vision to strive to be the best and most trusted by providing excellent professional services.

PT Hotel Bumikarsa Bidakara carries out its Mission by providing consultant services in the field of hotel management and human resources provider through professional services for optimal performance and business success and sustainable cooperation.

Logo Philosophy

The Bidakara logo which is visualized in the form of a gripping hand is interpreted as a symbol of a strong and elegant unifying bond to protect pensioners and Bank Indonesia employees.

The five fingers represent the existence of five buildings, including the Binasentra Education and Training Center, the Binakarna Auditorium, the Bidakara Office, the Bidakara Hotel Jakarta (formerly the Bumikarsa Hotel), and the Birawa Assembly Hall. These five buildings are integrated into the Bidakara Complex and become elements that support each other to achieve the company’s goals, improving the welfare of pensioners and Bank Indonesia employees.

The name Bidakara stands for “Bank Indonesia Pension Fund and Employee Welfare”. Bidakara also represents Bank Indonesia (BI), the Yayasan Kesejahteraan Karyawan Bank Indonesia (YKKBI), and the Dana Pensiun Bank Indonesia (DAPENBI) as the main owners of capital. In the Logo Type, the letter BI in BIDAKARA is given a bold touch to emphasize the acronym Bank Indonesia.

Professional Valued For Your Convenience

Why Choose Us

The Bumikarsa Bidakara Hotels Management business continues to move, the year 2022 is the moment the company is given flexibility to work with other parties who take part in or support the hospitality business. Bumikarsa Bidakara Hotels Management no longer only acts as a hotel operator, but also expands to become a human resources provider specifically for the hospitality sector, a provider of both online and offline reservation systems and a provider of membership services for cooperating hotels.

In addition to running the business of management and operations of a 4-star Hotel Bidakara Jakarta in South Jakarta, Bumikarsa Bidakara Hotels Management also colaborates in promotion and sales based on online system (online channel) as well as direct sales (offline), promotion and successful charge fees with other hotel owners (associate hotels), such as Hotel Bisanta Surabaya (sister hotel), Indies Heritage Hotel Yogyakarta and Hotel Fabu Bandung, and associate company PT Finnet Indonesia (Finpay). Meanwhile, other collaborations were carried out with other properties, such as PT Bikasoga Bandung for Balai Sartika Convention Hall and Bikasoga Sport House.

Supported by digital technology that knows no boundaries, Bumikarsa Bidakara Hotels Management competes in a healthy and dynamic manner by providing a special link on the web for collaborating parties.
This virtual world services connected directly to the web certainly provides interesting benefits since the collaborating parties automatically have extra channels to promote their products, services, and property facilities that are actually linked to the Bumikarsa Bidakara Hotels Management link.

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Hotel Bidakara JakartaJakarta, Indonesia
Indies Heritage HotelYogyakarta, Indonesia
Fabu hotelBandung, Indonesia